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Pure Bred Red Moyen Poodle

Chili is our beloved pet. We got her from a Poodle Breeder near Grand Prairie Alberta. She was born in 2017. She is so smart, and easy to please us. She has been an excellent mother, and looks after her puppies as well as showed Banana how to look after her puppies too. She is so sweet and loving. Chili is Banana's mother.



F1 Labradoodle

Banana is our lovely family pet. She was born in 2020 to our very first litter. Her Parents are Chili and Houston. Banana appears black in colour, but has dark red undertones and silver furnishings. She is an excellent mother, and a loyal and very smart pet.



F1B Labradoodle

Milo is a stud we met in Airdrie Alberta. He is the Father of Banana's First Litter of F2B Labradoodles (2022), and Chili's Third and Final Litter of F1BB Labradoodles (2022). He was born in 2018, and is very professional with his job responsibilities. He has had his job for a long time. He has been genetically tested to be 85% Poodle and 15% Labrador Retriever. He is Cream/White in colour.

Ollie 1.jpg


F1 Goldendoodle

Ollie was born in 2020 from Edmonton, and he is the stud to Chili's Second litter of F1B Goldendoodles (2021). This was his first litter. He has since retired from this job.



Pure Bred Silver Labrador Retriever

Houston was born in 2018, he was bred in Houston Texas, from AKC Registered Championship bloodlines. He currently lives in Kelowna area, and is a very good, long time friend to our family. He has a master degree in his stud service and is the father of Chili's first litter of F1 Labradoodles (2020). Houston is Banana's father.

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