F1BB Labradoodles (Chili's Third and Final Litter)

If you are looking for a non-shedding hypoallergenic friend, this is the place! This little 6-pack of Sods Pups are 85% Poodle and 15% Labrador Retriever. Chili is their mother, and Milo is their father. Have a look at our precious pets below, and stop by to learn more about their pedigrees and personalities.

All puppies have received their first dose of vaccines, and deworm. They are potty trained within the play pen, and have been introduced to outside, household pets, bubble baths, mops, vacuum, and a thunder storm! 

BIRTH DATE: July 17, 2022

They are ready to be rehomed!



Golden Wavy/Curly Hair

Jarritos is so cute and loves to play and is very social! He is always the first to greet us, and is calm when picked up. We are a bit sad to say goodbye to Jarritos, but can’t wait to see which family he will join.

Red Bull.jpg


Red Wavy Hair

Red Bull is a perfect example of his breed. He is curious and playful and gets on well with other animals. He loves to be outdoors, and little game of keep away! Get in touch with us quickly, a pet like this won’t stay with us for very long.



Strawberry-Blond Wavy Hair

Bubly is a cute ball of playdough! He is rolly polly and the sweetest little doodle in town. He enjoys snuggling, and is an adorable happy little guy. We can't wait to meet with his new family!



Red Curly Hair

Fanta is a sweet and petite doodle. She is playful and loves attention from all the lovable beings around her. She is really fast for such a small structure, it is a joy to watch her play! Please contact us if you are ready to take her home!

Tutti Frutti.jpg


Red Curly Hair

Tutti Frutti has been REHOMED to a little family near Cold Lake, AB. She will be well loved, and we can't wait for pup dates as she grows!

Ginger Ale.jpg


Red Curly Hair

Ginger Ale has been REHOMED to a small family near Vancouver, BC. We look forward to getting pup dates about this little cutie!